by Melli Bond

It's only for one night but packing to stay away is still something that takes thought - mainly because I remember how cold it is 'Up North'! Going to Leeds you would think I was heading for some unheard of town or half expecting a wild journey as I rationed my water and covered up with my huge blanket/scarf/rug - a very snugglish item.

On arrival to the theatre there were all sorts of people inviting me in - it did suddenly feel like I was on a journey back in time to 1910. Big Society, directed by the lovely Rod Dixon of Red Ladder, had a great mix of Variety Show songs and dance with the truth of backstage both in the characters' personal lives and in the politics they lived and breathed - which reference very nicely our own modern issues.

My journey in time continued to the next day where I met up with my university friend from Hull - and we realised that we had both a lot to catch up on and further years of companionship ahead. 

I also had coffee with Rod and John of Red Ladder and hope that we will develop a strong working friendship in the years to come...

What a great journey! Big laughs. Big fun. Big Plans!

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