by Jez Bond

The first port of call today was Hoare Lea. Situated in the impressive location of Tottenham Court Road, Hoare Lea are one of the top lighting designers in the country. In the field of theatre, they have worked on some major venues producing stunning results. Their work on the Victoria Apollo theatre can be seen on the image I have posted here.


As mentioned previously, Dom, one of the partners, is helping us out massively. I just adore him. He has the most passionate high-energy fast talking way about him. Every time you meet him you feel like you need a paracetamol and a bit of a lie down afterwards…. in a good way.

We all know that lighting is important but after just a few minutes of chatting with him (or rather of him excitedly ranting at you) one realises how key it is to our appreciation of any environment; affecting mood, sense of space, perception of temperature, and overall experience. To have his expertise on board is fantastic and, looking at the latest plans, he immediately riffed on some brilliant ideas including rings of leds for the main auditorium house lights and seemingly intelligent flourescents in the front of house corridor.

As I prepare for my next few meetings I realise I have been so preoccupied with the design and order of our (Hilary) swanky new cards that I have forgotten to restock the temporary cards in my wallet. Silly. Now I will be one of those people at a networking event who says they don’t have any cards on them (oddly there are always a few, so I suppose at least I won’t be alone!)

Great meeting on site with a professor of theatre at Kings College who is very interested in our ‘more American’ business model as the way of the future. We chatted about lots of ideas and he invited Christina and me to see the performance facilities they have recently refurbished at the college. We hope to visit before Christmas.

Frustratingly, despite waiting almost half an hour, my next meeting (with a local individual) was a no-show. At nearly 5pm the thought of hanging about in the cold for another hour before tonight’s event didn’t appeal. Besides, my foot is killing me – must have twisted it on the ice at some stage. Better go home and take a paracetamol. Hold on, maybe it’s a delayed Dom influence! Look on the bright side, I won’t need those business cards today after all – note to self: restock wallet as soon as you get home!

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