by Jez Bond

There are many people without whom this entire project would not be possible, but the most important is our major donor. It’s incredibly rare for a benefactor to be so gracious in their giving and devoid of any ulterior motives. The result, for us, is a dream come true – the opportunity to “get on with it”: to build a theatre that is led by the artist and not by committee. This continued confidence in us gives me strength every day – but, as the saying goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

The £2.2m project costs are tight – I need no reminders of this. In fact many have said it can’t be done for such a sum. I’ve always believed that rules are there to be broken, that the normal way of doing things is often to be challenged and that positive energy begats great things. So, with total confidence – and an architect in the family that watches the cost-plan like a hawk – we advance.

When I say ‘family’ I am of course referring to the inner sanctum of the Park. Whilst many have labeled us the Jedward of the theatre building community, to my knowledge Dave Hughes and I are not related by blood.

But seriously for a minute (please), as I sit on the tube this evening I pay tribute to the few good men and women who have made this happen. To the generous supporters one and all, to the steadfast ourchitect, to the ambassadors, the trustees, the core team – some who have been with us since the beginning and some recently joined. I know we’re still some months from opening, but what really strikes me is just how much we’ve all achieved.

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