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My last blog here was about feedback after a specific project, but a lot of this week has been dedicated to feedback on performance in general.  It's been a week of wild hilarity, researching various appraisal formats through which I can communicate to Jez what he already knows: that I am bad at drawing up appraisal documents.  Who said bureaucracy wasn't useful?

I am about to be the guinea pig for our new system, which will be the first formal appraisal that Jez has conducted.  The document has asked me to assess my personal appearance, which can only be described as lamentable (see my staff profile picture), but it will be up to the boss whether my outsize nose and weak cheek bones are hindering Park Theatre's fund raising potential.  He was saying nice things about my eyes yesterday, so I'll have that card up my sleeve just in case.  There's also a question about 'growing others', which makes me wonder what kind of sick genetic experiments Jez might be conducting in the theatre cellar.

Of course the appraisal process is good practice, and will hopefully be constructive.  Arts organisations are sometimes so concerned with the happiness of their employees that they avoid frank discussions, but I'm pleased to be working in an environment where praise and enthusiasm for my eyes can be balanced with honest criticism about my nose.  The only question is: can Jez grow me...?

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