by Jez Bond

I consider myself a pretty tidy person - and when it comes to my desk I can't live like one of those "it looks like a mess but I know exactly where everything is" kinds of people! So today alarm bells rang when piles started to appear on my desk. It's taken most of the day to clear them - as they always tend to be the boring time-consuming things that one doesn't want to do: setting up a direct debit, writing to Thames Water, filing financial information... oh the joys!

Now as the BBC Radio interview Tamzin and I did last week uploads to YouTube, I write my blog and deal with final emails. It's a huge day tomorrow - the party on site may see 60+ guests on site and we need to be on top of our game! I'm trying to get everything clear - but am conscious that a few more applications to trusts and foundations is going to take more than a few hours...

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