Chris Avis, David Pike, Adam Wilson and Didi Hopkins in association with Park Theatre present

Voices In The Shadows

This show has now passed. This is a an archive page.


Voices in the Shadows explores the impact of fear, despair, and loss of trust on our sense of reality and mental wellbeing.

Using digital print, moving image, spoken word, sound and movement, this multi-layered immersive experience from a unique collaboration. Two visual artists, a composer and an actor will challenge audiences to engage with performance art centring on the lived experience of mental illness.

An extensive exhibition of prints and video by Chris Avis and David Pike, visual artists, and Adam Wilson, composer, will be shown in the gallery corridors. This work is directly linked to and was developed alongside, the performance art. Didi Hopkins, an actor, completes this exceptional quartet of talent; a collective that involves equal collaboration to produce a powerful and provocative body of work. Work that engages and interacts with the audience provoking reflection on their own preconceptions of those with mental health issues.

‘This group crosses boundaries in truly exciting ways - one to watch for sure!’
Sean Gregory, Director of Learning & Engagement, Barbican and Guildhall School.