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Giant Cherry Productions in association with Park Theatre present the UK Premiere

The Glass Protégé

by Dylan Costello

_Hollywood 1949. A time when the movies were king and the movie stars merely pawns for the studio bosses. 

'This is a play that relies heavily on the strength and authenticity of the connection between its leading men – David R. Butler (Patrick) and Alexander Hulme (Jackson) – and they don't let us down. This is fearless acting. They commit to their characters and they deliver compelling performances – not easy to do when the audience is within touching distance, especially when you're naked' - Gay Star News
'Alexander Hulme and David R Butler make Texan-tongued Jackson and naïve manipulated Patrick a believable pair of lovers, Emily Loomes captures that streak of jealousy of a woman feeling excluded from part of her friends’ lives and Mary Stewart’s Nella is as elegantly bitchy' - British Theatre Guide
‘A solid production of a fascinating love story that explores the hidden secrets behind Hollywood's golden era. A powerful drama with a hard hitting and tragic message.’ – Everything Theatre


'★★★★ A challenging and thought-provoking couple of hours' -
'brought to life by sharp writing, taut direction and strong performances' - The Public Reviews

​A time when passion was lauded but sex never discussed. So when young British actor, Patrick Glass, embarks on a scandalous homosexual love affair with his famous co-star, he starts to feel the full force of the studio's career-destroying muscle. Forty years later, as the truths of the past are uncovered, the true consequences of this 'unacceptable' romance come to light. 

'Costello’s play is an interesting examination of the human cost of deception and loss of freedom' - The Public Reviews
‘Costello’s script... is rich and overflowing with some of the most beautiful lines I’ve heard in a while’ – Everything Theatre
‘Solidly enjoyable... the acting in this production is consistently brilliant’ – QX magazine
"This a high calibre script given true emotion by a cast that is firing on all cylinders. Solid and substantial, erotic and intriguing..." - Boyz Magazine
'An excellent new play, with strong and sharp writing, exploring important and pertinent themes, performed by a very strong ensemble cast. The play has an incredibly beautiful and powerful love story at its core which engages you from the off. Absorbing, gripping and highly recommended. Go see!' - EQ View
'Costello possesses keen observational skills and the words that he puts into his actors' mouths are crisp and profound' - Boyz Magazine

The Glass Protégé comes to the Park Theatre, fresh from a 6 week run in Chicago. The show originally ran in London in 2010 under its original title of Secret Boulevard for which it received three nominations in the 2011 Off West End Awards (Offies).

'A play that Costello can be proud of and it is definitely a play worth seeing' - Gay Star News
‘David R Butler and Alexander Hulme are stellar to watch on stage. Director Matthew cranks up the erotic energy... so that it sizzles with tension. Their story of illicit love as film stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era is involving and touching to watch’ – QX magazine
'David R Butler and Alexander Hulme both shine in roles that have them going from moments of pure comedy to high drama' - Boyz Magazine

'There is a very strong ensemble cast and it is a joy to see so many talented young actors sharing a stage. Special mention has to go to David R. Butler playing the young Patrick who puts in a real star turn in the leading man role' - EQ View

​Please Note: Over 16s only. Contains strong language and scenes of full frontal male nudity.