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Approximately Right Productions in association with Park Theatre presents


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Simon Evans & David Aula
Script edited by Imogen Bond

Cast includes: Benet Brandreth, Gyles Brandreth and Kosha Engler

Directed by Simon Evans (Arturo Ui Donmar Warehouse, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Southwark Playhouse, The Dazzle and Bug Found 111), this is Hamlet stripped to its core and played by three members of one family: Gyles Brandreth, Benet Brandreth, Kosha Engler – father, son and wife. A family gathering, haunted, claustrophobic, intense.

With a running time of 90 minutes, this Hamlet blasts through our expectations of a familiar text offering a unique take on Shakespeare’s most famous play, performed by a unique cast.

“The MOST fantastic and moving and thrilling and enthralling version, as clear and tense and touching as could be imagined: I was completely overwhelmed by the easy genius of the construction, and by the playing of the dazzling Brandreths.” Joanna Lumley

"Beautiful, inventive yet completely untricksy . . . Stunning.” Gerard Logan

“Ingenious, audacious and compelling ninety minutes of pure theatre. So many revelations and insights as well as terrific individual performances. What a joy to hear verse spoken accurately and at pace.” Gareth Armstrong

"What a wonderfully satisfying evening. A hit! A palpable hit!” Roger Llewellyn

“Streamlining the play threw up all sorts of fresh ideas. It was great to view it through a different lens and see the motivations from different angles. Stimulating and impressive.” Chris Murray

"A truly fascinating and absorbing evening. I thought I knew Hamlet so well - but things happened last night that made me think again. Quite brilliant. And of course the whole family thing made one sweat all the more.” Jane McCulloch. 


Praise for Simon Evans:

"Simon Evans directs with a pitch-perfect blend of rigour and piercing tenderness." The Telegraph ★★★★

“Riveting.” The Observer ★★★★★

“Exquisitely calibrated production.” Daily Mail ★★★★★

"You emerge feeling as if you've seen something special because, actually, you have." The Times ★★★★