Park Theatre Collective 50+ Group Summer 2022

05 May 2022 - 07 July 2022

What is it?

This weekly in-person course is a wonderful way to explore acting techniques and develop performance skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment. You will be looking at how to work on and perform monologues and duologues/scenes from published plays or ones you have written yourself.

This group will gain unique access to conversations with the creative team from Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera] by Harry Hill and Steve Brown, and will take inspiration from the production to inform choices for texts to work on during the term.

We will share a selection of the pieces we have been working on in a relaxed scratch night in our last session - Thu 07 Jul in the theatre’s Morris Space. 

Course Content

This course is split between the three elements of working on monologues, working on scenes, and building knowledge and understanding of a professional production through discussions with various members of the creative team currently working on Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera] by Harry Hill & Steve Brown.

Please bring two monologues (max 5mins) and one scene (no more than 5 pages) which are loosely linked to the above show - for example they can be based on themes such as: comedy, musical theatre (rhythm, poetry), politics, satire - anything that you would like to explore further through performance techniques. You will be sent the script to read once you have booked onto the course. We will provide a selection of monologues and scenes if you are unable to source your own, however it is ideal if you can choose the material that really speaks to you - it can be from any play, poem, speech etc of your choice.

These sessions will be fun, accessible and collaborative, and open to anyone aged 50+ with a passion for acting and storytelling.

Week 1
The first week will be spent getting to know each other, becoming familiar with the themes in Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera] and exploring what kind of work moves you as an actor and audience member. Please bring your chosen monologues to this session.

Weeks 2-4
During these three weeks, we will work on your chosen monologues through exploring physicality, vocal skills, improvisation and more specific direction to enable you to bring the pieces to life and really make them your own. We will also gain more insight into what work goes into creating a professional production - on stage and off, through discussions with the creative team on Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera].

Week 5
This week we will focus on how to present monologues to an audience, as well as giving space and offering techniques to those who would like to explore writing for performance more.

Weeks 6-8
During these weeks we will focus on scene work - duologues (two people) or more. Please bring your chosen scene to these sessions and be open to working on other choices as well. We will share our pieces, research and develop them through a variety of practical acting techniques and direction to uncover the importance of the relationships, genre and environment within the pieces and the impact they have on performance.

Week 9
This will be our rehearsal week for our chosen performance pieces; a mixture of the monologues and scenes worked on in previous weeks.

Week 10
In our final session together we will warm-up, rehearse and present a relaxed sharing of our work in a scratch night followed by a well-deserved celebration in the bar!


Drop in sessions, or full course?

Participants will benefit from attending all the sessions in the course. It will not be possible to join after week 5 of the course.


Waiting List

If the class you wish to attend is appearing as sold out, please email Community Engagement Manager, Nina Graveney-Edwards [email protected] to add yourself to the waiting list for future classes.


Scholarships are available for this course, please email Community Engagement Manager, Nina Graveney-Edwards [email protected] for more information.


Photography: Alessandra Davision