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The ‘Unbuilt’ was the affectionate term my ex-boyfriend used to use for Park Theatre when distinguishing it from The Old Vic (my other place of work at the time), which was known as, ‘The Built.’  My BF was a lot younger (lol), not in the arts and not familiar with London. So, according to him, the best way to distinguish Park Theatre from The Old Vic was the fact that it was already built.

Apart from the obvious differences between size, scale and the small matter of a couple of centuries, there are ways in which we very much hope to resemble The Old Vic. Quality and reputation have to be the two biggest factors and then then there’s other things...The Old Vic is a place where actors want to work, both on stage and off. Having been an Old Vic usher, I can also vouch for theatre’s director, Kevin Spacey who was often around and used to stop for a chat.

This regular presence from an artistic director has to be a key to any theatre’s success. It is not a job to be done remotely. And with Park there could be nobody to rival the hours put in by our Artistic Director. Jez eats, sleeps and breathes Park Theatre, as does his team. Actors definitely want to work at Park and our Artistic and Creative Directors couldn’t be more present in every aspect of the project. Quality and reputation are a priority for us and when The Unbuilt is built, we can take a moment to celebrate and then continue to build upon the rest.

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