by Jez Bond

After dropping the keys round to Hardman Engineers (so that they could gain access to the site in order to investigate the recent expositions) I headed to Islington via Nincomsoup at Old Street Station.

It brought back memories of rehearsing a show round the corner about ten years ago. A couple of the actors and I used to pick up a soup on the way in every morning. We loved that place and memories came flooding back.

Every production is special for different reasons and that one taught me a lot about working on a new play.

Next stop Islington, for a number of meetings. Most crucially, the second of these was with Councillor Barbara Sidnell. Along with Phil Kelly and Mick O’Sullivan, Cllr Sidnell is an east area ward councillor. As such I had been trying to arrange a meeting with her since pre-app stage. It was great to chat with her about our plans and it was reassuring to know that, despite being too busy to meet previously, she had evidently spoken to colleagues about our project and read all the literature we had sent to her.

The planners have come back to us with a couple of questions. We are inching ever closer to official consent. Our officer has indicated that we might have some news on Friday. I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a little boy, I suppose I can wait a little longer!

Aptly we are now on our way to see ‘Love Never Dies’…

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