Guy Masterson – Theatre Tours International Ltd and Park Theatre present the London Premiere of

The Marilyn Conspiracy

By Vicki McKellar and Guy Masterson

Directed by Guy Masterson

On Wednesday August 1st 1962, seven people gathered at Marilyn Monroe’s home to celebrate her new $2m two-picture deal with 20th Century Fox. 

At 04:30 the following Sunday 5 August, her apparent suicide was called in to the police and was reported as a drugs overdose. But the truth is far more shocking: She was found unconscious by her housekeeper the night before at 22:35, and subsequently died at 23:40, all after a late visit from a very important guest… 

The same seven people then regathered in her home on Saturday night - and yet her death was only reported nearly 5 hours later.

What did they talk about?

In this powerful, new, meticulously researched thriller co-written by Vicki McKellar and Olivier Award-winning West End and Broadway director Guy Masterson (9 Circles, Park Theatre), all the facts are revealed, lies exposed, the myths debunked, and the shocking truth of what happened in those missing 5 hours is laid bare on stage. 


★★★★★ ‘Bold, breathtaking and compelling!’ Edinburgh Guide

★★★★★ ‘Excellent Show!’ 

★★★★★ ‘An undeniable treat that shines through its raw exploration of grief, doubt and self-preservation.’ Culture Fix 

Artwork by Nux Photography. Model: Jasmine Gale