Marilyn Monroe is remembered as the tragic heroine of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Beautiful, talented, and gone too soon. The circumstances surrounding her death have been cloaked in mystery with many unanswered questions, and the distressing truth hitherto shrouded from public view.

This tense, uncompromising and unmissable new play reveals the shocking events of Marilyn’s last days and lays bare on stage the five crucial missing hours between Marilyn’s death, and the reporting of her apparent suicide by ‘drugs overdose’ to the police.

In those missing hours, seven of Marilyn Monroe’s nearest and dearest gather to write the closing chapter of her remarkable story…

powerful, meticulously researched new thriller, wherein lies are untangled, myths debunked, and disturbing new evidence is disclosed.

The Marilyn Conspiracy is co-written by actress Vicki McKellar (Paradise Lost, Leicester Square Theatre) and Olivier Award-winning West End and Broadway director Guy Masterson (9 Circles, Park Theatre & The Shark is Broken, West End).