At the heart of the play, we witness Frankie winning the National ABA middleweight title twice and follow his dreams of sporting glory. But his astonishing rise is far from straightforward.

When the path to representing England at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games is blocked, Frankie turns to his roots, competing for the island of St. Vincent as he confronts the intricate politics of boxing, the weight of his ambitions, and the pressing needs of his family. Amidst these trials, Frankie’s spirit is tested to the limit as his sheer will and determination leads Frankie to a triumph that redefines both his career and his legacy.

His story delves deep into themes of identity, belonging, and the meaning of success.

Going for Gold explores the profound questions of what we fight for and what we hold onto. This powerful narrative invites audiences to reflect on the meaning of home, the bonds of family, the enduring spirit of perseverance and what we leave behind.