Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Work is the local hand carwash, under the nurturing eye of the manager, Destan, an Iranian-Kurd and the discerning eye of the owner- Shapur, a proud Persian.  

Play is online gaming with friend Noah, a truck driver and loyal customer of the carwash. Though maybe not so loyal on the virtual battlefield.  

Indefinite Leave to Remain is Gorkem. New worker at the carwash, and fresh off the boat. A Turkish-Kurd who claims to be the grandson Apo Ocalan – Kurdish freedom fighter and current political prisoner.  

Rebin, an Iraqi-Kurd with no safe passage home, watches as history repeats itself. He’s seen half a dozen Gorkems make their way through the carwash, claiming heroic tales of escape, securing indefinite leave to remain and moving on with their lives while he stays true to his story and remains stuck in the system. 

Rebin has heard it all before.  

That is until the boss, Shapur, proposes using the struggling business as a front for a human trafficking enterprise – smuggling immigrants into the country in the boots of the carwash client’s cars.  

Rebin’s routine is about to be shattered. Indefinitely.