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Cahoots Theatre Company and David Sloan in association with Park Theatre present the World Premiere of

Twilight Song

By Kevin Elyot

Adam Garcia, Bryony Hannah and Paul Higgins star in the premiere of the final play by Kevin Elyot, writer of the classic comedy My Night with Reg. 

Set on summer evenings in the 1960s and the present day, Twilight Song traces one family’s hidden liaisons over half a century.

2017. Barry is single, middle-aged and gay. He and his mother Isabella’s relationship is fraught, yet after more than 50 years they cannot live apart. 1967. Barry is starting school, Isabella is pregnant again, and parliament passes a law of liberation.

A mysterious stranger turns up in their past and their present - could he be the missing piece of the jigsaw they've both been yearning for?

Hilarious, heartbreaking and full of surprises, Kevin Elyot's evocative final play proves how powerful our past can be in the present.   

The full cast comprises two-time Olivier nominee Adam Garcia (Kenneth Branagh’s The Winter’s Tale), Bryony Hannah (Call the Midwife, The Children’s Hour), Paul Higgins (Line of Duty, The Thick of It)Philip Bretherton (As Time Goes By) and Hugh Ross (Jamie Lloyd’s Macbeth and director of Park Theatre hit The Roundabout).

Anthony Banks was an Associate Director at the National Theatre for ten years and most recently directed Kara Tointon and Keith Allen in Gaslight (national tour). From the producer behind Park Theatre hits The Roundabout and An Audience with Jimmy Savile.


‘Funny and satisfying. Its twists keep playing in your head long after it's over.’ The Times

'It has that same mischievous humour as My Night with Reg and a potent mix of sorrow and anger about wasted lives. A bittersweet mix of wit and compassion.' Financial Times

‘The acting is on the money. Elyot writes well about the dark secrets of family life. A salutary reminder that, however relaxed the law, many people still lead lives of quiet, sexual desperation.’ Guardian

'The first scene is a gem of queasy comic suggestiveness. Bryony Hannah radiates just the right degree of well-bred frustration and yearning.' Independent

‘Funny and keeps you guessing. Fans of Elyot should be pleased he left this one last gift.’