How It Is Productions in association with Park Theatre present

The Time Of Our Lies

By Bianca Bagatourian


Tuesday, August 6th

Who was Howard Zinn? What might he think about the state of democracy across the globe in 2019? And how did his work inspire this new stage play about his life? On Tuesday  August 6th, Terri Paddock will chair a post-show discussion with The Time Of Our Lies author Bianca Bagatourian, who worked with Zinn before his death and director Ché Walker and company members about their experience of creating this brand-new production and what fuels their own social and political activism.

Zinn, a historian man who refocused the narrative of a nation by giving voice to the voiceless was also author of the landmark bestseller, A People’s History of the United States. Terri Paddock has been championing UK theatre for more than 20 years, having founded WhatsOnStage and her current sites MyTheatreMates and StageFaves. She chairs post-show discussions at theatres across London.