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LJ Hope Productions in association with Park Theatre present


By Joseph Connolly and Gabriella Padula


Joseph Connolly

Joseph trained at the University of West London

Theatre credits include: Alphabetical Gardens Radio play (TDTWT) CAMP! (Soho Theatre and Norfolk theatres); Warheads (the Park Theatre); Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis (Centre Pompidou, Paris); Three Types of Wind in Trieste (Schwankalle, Bremen, Germany)

Film credits include: BAIL (Franklyn films) No plan B (Jermaine grant) 





Gabriella Padula

Gabriella trained at the University of West London.

Theatre credits include: MUCK (Norwich Arts Centre);  Borrowed (Park Theatre) and Family Affair (Kingston Youth Arts Festival).

Film credits include: Playtime (Grant Film Productions) Ralph Styles Ultra ( Spring loaded films, Seaforde productions) Dead End (Grant Film Productions).

Television credits include: RAYE (music video) Somesuch & Co / Polydor Records.


James Warburton

James trained at Drama Centre 

Theatre credits include: Me. (Omnibus Theatre); Muck (Norwich Arts Centre); The Lesser Bohemians (Zabludowicz Collection); Days In Quarantine (The Factory); Mephisto, NSFW and Chekhov in Hell (Platform Theatre).

Film credits include: Cherry