George Warren in association with Park Theatre presents

Fishskin Trousers

By Elizabeth Kuti

Post Show Q&A with Cast
Thu 26 Oct
FREE for ticket holders

Chaired by Terri Paddock, guest starring Jules Pretty

Q&A with cast members Brett Brown, Jessica Carroll and Eva Traynor. Ask any questions you have about this intriguing and mesmerising production to the team. 

Jules has written extensively about nature and landscape (especially East Anglia, e.g. his book This Luminous Coast (Full Circle, 2011) and his current book The East Country. He is also the author of The Edge of Extinction (Cornell University Press, 2014). Jules is based at the borders of the counties of Suffolk and Essex in eastern England. He lives in the village of Nayland, and is Professor of Environment and Society & Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Essex. He has written and edited several books on the braiding of nature and people, exploring the importance of place and the land for identity and health of individuals and cultures.