George Warren in association with Park Theatre presents

Fishskin Trousers

By Elizabeth Kuti

Directed by Robert Price
Cast includes: Brett Brown, Jessica Carroll and Eva Traynor


“I found myself totally immersed in these shimmering, fishy tales from the depths of time and human experience” The Guardian ★★★★

“A fascinating and lyrical piece of writing” Time Out ★★★★

Using the power of words and storytelling, Fishskin Trousers weaves together the haunting tales of three lost people from different eras, united by the mysteries of the island of Orford Ness.

From the twelfth century, Mab gives an eye-witness account of the legendary Wild Man of Orford, caught in the nets of fishermen. Eight hundred years later, at the height of the Cold War, Ben, a young Australian scientist, hears strange noises on the Ness as he tries to fix the island's radar system. While local teacher Mog, in 2004, is compelled home to Orford when struck with a terrible dilemma.

Suffused by the landscape and traditional folk tales of East Anglia, these echoing voices intertwine to reveal how the stories of human lives connect in the most surprising and intimate ways, though decades – and even centuries – separate them.



"Haunting evocation of myth and mystery... excellent" ★★★★ Morning Star
"The use of language is outstanding – the script is rich, with every single word glowing in a different hue" The Upcoming ★★★★
"...each of the three actors give vivid performances, rolling with the waves of the words" The Stage
"there’s... real beauty in Elizabeth Kuti‘s writing" West End Wilma
"An interesting and unusual production... both moving and funny... an engaging and thought-provoking night of theatre" London Culture Blog
"An engaging piece intelligently written by Elizabeth Kuti" Spy In The Stalls
"completely absorbing" Exeunt
"An intriguing play that should not be missed" UK Theatreland
Woodcut by James Dodds from The Wild Man of Orford, Jardine Press
Photo: Alexandra Guelff