pluck. productions in association with ​Park Theatre present the ​World Premiere of


By Stephanie Martin

Directed by Sarah Meadows

Please note that due to a technical fault we are unable to offer an audio description service on Thu 2 Aug 7.45pm show. We are very sorry to anyone who might be effected. Please call the box office for further assistance.


Offie nominations: FEMALE PERFORMANCE: EJ Martin SET DESIGN: Georgia de Grey


'People love being in control, don't you think? But you can't control something you don't understand.' 

Sophie and Sarah have been best friends forever. Sophie is newly engaged to her fiancé Nick and wants to celebrate. Sarah also has a new fiancé, Ali, and some more big news – she has recently converted to Islam.

One hot summer evening the two couples have a get together. Sophie is desperate to meet Ali and even more desperate to rescue her drifting friendship with Sarah. Sophie also wants to ask Sarah if she’ll take off her hijab for Sophie’s wedding - a headscarf ‘just won’t quite go’ with the other bridesmaids, and Sophie likes things to match. It’s all going well (ish) until an uninvited guest arrives with some news that turns the evening – and the couples’ lives - upside down.

Alkaline is a play about faith, friendship and fear. A play about change, painful endings and new beginnings. Where does our duty lie? And do we ever dare to be different?



Alkaline is an all round thought provoking, relevant and intense piece. ★★★★★  Fairy Powered Productions

'It's brilliantly written, wonderfully staged and expertly acted throughout.' ★★★★ London Culture Blog

'It makes you question yourself' ★★★★★  Fairy Powered Productions

'A thought-provoking, utterly engaging, very well-executed piece of theatre and deserves to be seen and discussed. Get there while you can!' ★★★★ London Culture Blog

'Well scripted, directed and performed' Morning Star

'An intriguing play about faith and friendship' The Stage

'5 very talented actors, all of whom play their roles to perfection.' ★★★★ London Culture Blog

'Nitin Kundra as Ali is passionate and articulate, a performance that does make the audience sit up and pay attention' My Theatre Mates

'Poetic and powerful' The Guardian 

 'This is sit-forward, lean-in theatre' Entertainment Focus

'A play that is filled with plenty of sharply witty lines' My Theatre Mates

'Crisp, quick, and wonderfully witty' A younger theatre

'With her production, Sarah Meadows beautifully highlights the increasing tension between the couples' My Theatre Mates

'It’s all performed beautifully' Entertainment Focus

'Edgy dinner party drama' The Guardian

'Engaging and thought-provoking' My Theatre Mates