Two Sheds Theatre presents

African Gothic

By Reza de Wet

 “…a most fulfilling theatrical performance by drawing its audience entirely into its world.
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“Performances are uniformly strong and well realised”
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“[African Gothic is] like a Stephen King novel on stage."
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"It’s edge-of-your-seat stuff... Oliver Gomm is mesmerising, a tightly coiled spring... Janna Fox is unnerving... a tightly told and gripping drama that is expertly packaged into just 80 minutes"
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“Still water, deep ground, and underneath the Devil is turning around”
Afrikaner children’s rhyme

Frikkie and Sussie were born into a South African Eden, an idyllic farm with loving and responsible parents, a black nanny as their second mother, and a benevolent God in Heaven to keep them all safe and sound.

But that was decades ago.

Now their parents are long gone, the farm a desolate ruin, and God has clearly forgotten them.

Written during the Apartheid era, Reza de Wet’s astonishing play (originally "Diepe Grond" - Deep Ground) held up a mirror to the dark heart of Afrikaner society, forcing it to take a long and uncomfortable look at itself and the myths that sustained it.

From the production team behind Muswell Hill (Park Theatre, February-March 2015) and My Children! My Africa! (Trafalgar Studios, August 2015).


*** Please note that Friday 22 January performance of African Gothic is cancelled due to illness.  Please contact the box office. 

African Gothic Trailer from Oliver Weinfeld on Vimeo.