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Entico Ltd in association with Park Theatre presents the London premiere of

A Princess Undone

By Richard Stirling

Directed by Jonny Kelly


Kensington Palace, 1993. She was the Diana of her day. That day has gone, but HRH The Princess Margaret seeks one final chance to be of service.

Acquiring potentially sensational letters from Charles and Diana, she means to burn the evidence. But there are other papers, relating to Margaret herself. And when an ex-gangster admirer returns from her past, the Queen’s sister has the choice to make or break her family yet again.

In Netflix’s hit series The Crown, Margaret re-emerged as the most controversial and enigmatic member of the Royal Family. Craig Brown’s recent best-selling Ma’am Darling reinforces how infuriating yet compelling her story still is.

A Princess Undone – inspired by actual events – sheds new light on the last real princess.


"Felicity Dean is a magnificent Margaret and has a stage presence that is sure to make the audience nervously sit up straight and curtsey on the way out - there’s something deliciously terrifying about her." The Gay UK

"Richard Stirling's astute chamber play captures Margaret's duality, the dialogue is tough, witty and bitter and Felicity Dean dominates the comfortably detailed stage" The Daily Express

"In Jonny Kelly's vividly acted production of Richard Stirling's intriguing, witty chamber play, Felicity Dean's impressive Margaret swoops between condescending Cockney mateyness and steely snobbery: she's grand and vulgar at the same time." The Independent

"A perfect venue, a beautifully observed set by Norman Coates and a central figure worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy" Broadway World

"A gossipy treat, full of gags about ‘Rent a Kent' (Princess Michael) and everyone Princess Margaret despised, which was most people" The American

"Felicity Dean’s fine glint-in-the-eye portrayal of both the camp and the stern Princess" Johnny Fox

"Patrick Toomey, as Margaret’s former fling John Bindon, is a gruff, uncompromising presence" The Stage

"Alexander Knox is spot-on with the boyish charm and smarm as the supposed friend of Viscount Linley" The Independent

"It's that sense of intelligence gone bad which Felicity Dean captures so well in this acutely observed chamber piece." The American

"Felicity Dean is charismatic and engrossing as the eponymous princess. She scintillates and seethes, skirting the tragi-comic" Plays To See

"tantalising fiction... a fascinating idea" The Stage

"Richard Stirling’s literate, elegant script threaded with surprising humour as well as devastating pathos" Eastbourne Herald


Photo: Simon Annand