Collins Cohen Productions and Guy Masterson - Theatre Tours International Ltd in association with Park Theatre present the European Premiere of

9 Circles

By Bill Cain

Directed by Guy Masterson

Based on real events, this taut psychological thriller seeks justice from the collision of morality and empathy.

A European Premiere from multi-award winning House Of Cards writer Bill Cain. A dantesque descent into the conundrums, contradictions and hypocrisies of war through the eyes of a repatriated US Army Private… now alleged war criminal.

Exactly how can a soldier be trained as a cold-blooded killing machine while clinging on to the threads of his humanity? What happens when those threads snap in the fog of war? How can we judge those who have killed for our freedoms? Can we truly apply civilian moral standards to a soldier in the throes of mortal combat?

Directed by Olivier Award-winner Guy Masterson (The Shark Is Broken), starring Joshua Collins (Top Boy; Richard III, Almeida Theatre), Samara Neely-Cohen (Los Angeles Opera; Los Angeles Shakespeare Festival) and David Calvitto (12 Angry Men, West End; Shawshank Redemption).

'9 Circles orders us to question the lethal sacrifices done in our name by less lucky Americans half a world away'  Stage & Cinema Chicago

'Bill Cain asks us to multiply that, contemplate how much torment our wars are causing, and figure out what we might do to stop that' NY Times

'A tour de force which ensures we always see the character clear as both individual and symbol. An essential play! An experience not to be missed or forgotten!' Variety

'Joshua Collins' Daniel is part enigma, part powder keg - his manner alternately taunting, evasive, and furious, his affect ranging from hostile to confused to almost homicidally focused… His coiled energy, his caged animal… is a commanding performance, made all the more effective by the actor's fearlessness; not for one second does he seem to court the audience's sympathy.' Light & Sound

'The sheer intensity of the final scene,The Inferno, will long resonate in the memories of those who see it' Theatre Pizzazz


Image: Ahron R. Foster

Artwork: Guy Masterson