Park Life Fund



A fund to secure the future of Park Theatre. Donate HERE.


The Park Life Fund was launched as a response to the financial struggles brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. As you all know, the impact of the pandemic was catastrophic for the theatre industry and Park Theatre was no exception. The closure saw us lose a devastating £68,000 worth of income a month. As a small charity with no government or Arts Council funding, we have been working with our board and donors to try and address the shortfall. 

An unprecedented level of personal support from a number of generous donors allowed us to keep our team on our payroll using the government’s job retention scheme, meaning that there were jobs and a theatre to return to. Nevertheless, the return to theatre has been tentative, with many of our audience members still nervous about the risks attached to their visit. Government support has ceased, and we are still working our way back to pre-Covid ticket sales. Donations remain has crucial to the survival of Park Theatre as ever before. 

The  Park Life Fund has allowed us to continue support our community; welcome back the thousands of visitors we attract each year; provide affordable accessible theatre; resume our outreach programmes with those in real need, and open our buzzing cafe bar as a safe space for all. 

We recognise that, even as we move on from the pandemic, this remains a time of uncertainty for many. However, if you can afford to help out, your donation – however large or small – will play a vital part in helping us continue our role as an exceptional theatre in the heart of our Finsbury Park community. 

We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive messages we’ve received so far and we are thankful that we can count on the support of so many of you. Together, I know we can weather this storm.


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With thanks and warm wishes,




Jez Bond

Artistic Director, Park Theatre




What does the Park Life Fund go towards?

In a normal year we need to raise £300,000 just to keep the doors open, on top of income we earn. Having no income during the lockdowns, and reduced capacity for many months after, was financially devastating for Park Theatre. 

During the pandemic, the Park Life Fund helped us to keep the building ticking, contributing towards salaries for our non-furloughed staff still working through the closure. Despite freezing many contracts with suppliers, we kept essential services running. This included our broadband service so that the staff on-site could dial into the server; our IT contract to support those working from home; building insurance, which comes with obligations such as having our fire alarm, intruder alarm, and CCTV maintained; website hosting and support; and keeping our phone line active to take donations and field any other enquiries. 

Beyond Covid, this fund has enabled us to continue supporting emerging artists and produce work that may not be the most commercially viable. It contributes towards our core costs and permits us to give financial aid and subsidised rates to artists who are not necessarily able to secure funding from elsewhere. This is how we ensure that the stories we tell are not limited by access to funds, but rather are staged based on their storytelling and theatrical merits. The money donated is vital to our recovery post-pandemic and prevents us from having to compromise on our mission as a theatre. 


Why are Park Theatre using GoFundMe - will my donation be safe?

We chose an external provider to help support our fundraising during the period of closure whilst we were operating with a skeleton staff. GoFundMe is dedicated to protecting every donation, which is why all donors and beneficiaries are covered by the industry’s first and only guarantee. Along with state-of-the-art fraud prevention technologies and a team of dedicated specialists working around the clock, the GoFundMe Guarantee ensures that all donations are used as originally intended. 


Is there a closing date to donate to Park Life?

The Park Life fund will remain open throughout Park Theatre’s Covid recovery. We will be posting regular updates on our website and via social media to keep all our donors and supporters informed of our progress.