Park Life Fund



A fund to secure the future of Park Theatre. Donate HERE.


The Park Life Fund was launched as a response to the financial struggles brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. As you all know, the impact of the pandemic was catastrophic for the theatre industry and Park Theatre was no exception. The closure saw us lose a devastating £68,000 worth of income a month. 

An unprecedented level of personal support from a number of generous donors alongside relief from Government ensured there were jobs and a theatre to return to. Now the landscape has shifted and we are confronted with a cost-of-living crisis and huge energy bills to contend with. As such donations remain has crucial to the survival of Park Theatre as ever before.  

We have, therefore, kept this page live despite it having evolved from its initial purpose. If you can afford to help out, your donation – however large or small – will play a vital part in helping us continue our role as an exceptional theatre in the heart of our Finsbury Park community.  


Provide a lifeline - donate to Park Life HERE




Why are Park Theatre using GoFundMe - will my donation be safe?

We chose an external provider to help support our fundraising during the period of closure whilst we were operating with a skeleton staff. GoFundMe is dedicated to protecting every donation, which is why all donors and beneficiaries are covered by the industry’s first and only guarantee. Along with state-of-the-art fraud prevention technologies and a team of dedicated specialists working around the clock, the GoFundMe Guarantee ensures that all donations are used as originally intended.