Act & Play 7-11 Summer 2022 Project

30 April 2022 - 09 July 2022


What is it?

This is a weekly course for children aged 7-11 who enjoy drama and want to have fun in a supportive and friendly environment. Over the course of 10 weeks, we will develop skills in acting, movement, voice and theatre-making.

Taking inspiration from popular musicals, and inspired by our in-house production Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera], participants will create their own pieces of musical theatre with a modern twist, looking at issues/stories from their local community they feel passionate about voicing through song and movement. They will share their work in a relaxed showing on 9 July 2022.


Course Content

Weeks 1-2

These weeks will be spent getting to know each other through games and enjoyable exercises, so that everyone feels comfortable and supported. 

Weeks 2-4

During these weeks we will build on our skills as actors and theatre-makers through exciting exercises and games. Through song and movement, we will discover the types of stories and issues and that interest us and develop our creative skills.

Weeks 5-9

During these weeks, we will decide as a group which musical to explore and work on for the final sharing, looking at how to convey stories through movement and song. 

Week 10

In our final session together, we will rehearse our pieces and show them in a relaxed sharing in the Morris Space at 11.30 to celebrate all we have achieved this term! 


Drop in sessions, or full course?

Participants will gain maximum benefit from this course by attending all 10 sessions.


Waiting List

If the class you wish to attend is appearing as sold out, please email Community Engagement Manager Nina Graveney-Edwards nina.graveney-[email protected] to add yourself to the waiting list for future classes.



Scholarships are available for this course, please email Community Engagement Manager Nina Graveney-Edwards [email protected] for more information.


Photography: Alessandra Davision