by Jez Bond

It’s very exciting and there’s lots going on. This morning, after some invigorating yoga, I dealt with the various emails that had recently arrived by more theatre companies, producers and directors wanting to book tours. I had been fitting everyone in to our four slots next week – most of which are getting very booked up. In the afternoon I continued to sort out emails and had a meeting with Jez about the priorities for the next few weeks. We left the house early meetings prior to seeing a show at Jermyn Street. Jez met producer/director/friend Joe Fredericks, who had directed the current show there and I wanted to catch up with Anthony Biggs, friend and Associate Director of Jermyn Street. Both meetings proved fruitful. Then show was enjoyable – well directed by Joe and with an effective design that worked well in the space. Back home to walk the girl – it’s a dog’s life for Hazel, who has been sleeping since we’ve been gone.

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