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Bank holiday weekends are lush. A time to meet up with friends in your favorite places, while away some hours, go festival-ling, carnival-ling, wandering and sitting. I spent the weekend seeing some of my favourite people in my favourite local places and talking, amongst other things how they just need to walk past Wells Terrace and get a look at Park.

I loved seeing these people in my local pubs but was craving for Park’s café and bar to be open. A good friend of mine from Italy asked me what she should do in London on Saturday night; what places could I recommend, and I had to send her elsewhere rather than say: ‘lets head up the road to that window and sit there, have a chat, catch the show and see who we meet?’

This all made me think about community, my community. It’s varied and can be open to so many people: my housemates, my friends living nearby and a little further afield, my family, Park family, local gym, shop owners, people I study with, colleagues from my other jobs, people crushed into my  tube carriage at the same time everyday, the people sitting in the park with me near me, the people I could meet and talk to if only there was a new comfortable place to do that….Lets face it, the tube at 8am isn’t always the place to have a random chat! But a live, active, accessible space is.  This is Park Theatre.

I like meeting new people but everyone needs some downtime and I certainly like thought of quite corners in public places were you get to focus on a catch up with one person.

Park is intimate in its nature. This enables it to go both ways, providing a safe, personal haven and being a place of meeting and sharing with people.  I think both these are charming, important and possible at Park. I can’t wait to meet new faces and see old friends in Park and to add this building and all that goes on there to my list of communities.

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