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If you’ve gone past the theatre in the last week you may have noticed something a bit different emerging in our window.  If you haven’t gone past, I strongly recommend you do. The result of a lot of hard work and energy is a sight that will undoubtedly chase away the January blues and bring colour to the unrelenting cold and grey we’ve all been putting up with.

In December, we did a call-out for designers to work with local schools or youth groups to create an installation to sit in our shop window so that while we finish the build you have something to look at. The project is called Window Box Theatre.

We had some brilliant proposals submitted from some very talented designers. Moira Tighe, a freelance designer, prop maker and one of Tamasha's Developing Artists was matched with the Year 2 class at Jubilee Primary School in Hackney.

Moira then arranged with Chris (an Art Teacher at Jubilee) some making sessions with the children so that they could put in their ideas for an installation on the theme ‘Finsbury Park - Where Dreams Come True’

With Moira’s guidance 60 children created the models now presiding in the window. Moira then spent two (very cold) days on site arranging the models and creating the back drop - despite some last minute hiccups and challenges it all worked out. No creative project would be worth its weight in gold with out these, of course!

We are so happy and proud of this installation and all the hard work and creativity that so many people have put in it; not least the children who will be coming to visit and view their work from the street.

A huge thank you also has to go to Chris for getting Jubilee Primary involved and transporting all the models to the theatre; Garry and Don (the Site Managers) and all the builders for accommodating us during the installation and helping by putting up the backdrop. And, of course, Moira for her creative vision, good humour and for being wonderful with the children.

So, keep an eye out and do go and take a look soon because it may not be there for too much longer.  And, it will make you smile.

If you would like to find out more about Moira and her work, you can contact her here:
Email:    [email protected]




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