by Jez Bond

It’s been a tough week as in the background of all the various events of which we have been vigourously blogging, there has been some serious discussion as to the best way forward with the project in terms of managing all the various contracts. Our current Project Manager has been extremely proactive in engaging team members and vetting the various tender returns, however it’s apparent that he’s wearing too many hats (metaphorically). We are making the final decision this weekend as to whether we should employ a Management Contractor from now on – as this approach would provide a team of people with back office support to manage the respective packages and, crucially, eliminate some of the potential risks moving forward. How our trusty and passionate Project Manager could remain involved in this has been and will continue to be the subject of much debate – and we are all aware of the amazing commitment, enthusiasm and drive he has demonstrated over the past year. Here’s to Jordan!

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