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I've never really lived in my own time.  I was born in the eighties, but a part of me still expects to hear the Village People on Radio 1.  I knew almost none of the performers in the Closing Ceremony last week, although I'm told that even those who are 'down with the kids' felt like they'd stumbled on an understudy run.  When did a single letter become an acceptable surname? 

Until recently, I thought that walls were still built with bricks and cement.  It's true that we did have a specialist workman on site about ten days ago to stick some bricks in the front of the building, but otherwise there's scarcely a brick to be seen.  One day there was a giant steel structure balancing improbably on a North London swamp, then suddenly there were boards in frames, around skylights and doorways.  A lot of care has been taken to create two 'sound boxes', which won't allow for any sound penetration between the theatres.  It's been fascinating to watch how this is done, partly because the principles are so simple.  We'll know if it has worked if it's possible to listen to the Village People at full volume without the rest of the building finding out.

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