by Brackets Digital

What's your vision? It's the big directing question, perhaps the big question for leaders of every stripe.  We want reassurance that the person we're following knows where the gold is, and has the map to find it.  'Look at this lovely map', the leader says.  'Here we see the pot of gold, and look - here is the rainbow that will lead us to it.' 

In the context of theatre, I find the notion of 'vision' very problematic, but it's at the core of everything Jez and Melli are doing at the moment.  Because Jordan is a born troublemaker, the tour involves quite a lot of dust, and even more suspension of disbelief.  You'd think he was trying to build something.  Ultimately Jez relies on his passion and his beloved future present tense to convert a building site into a theatre.  His skill at this is not in question, but perhaps it's significant that my determination to worm my way into the Park Theatre family (stalking is the only way), was partly motivated by Jez's humility when it comes to clairvoyance.  In his own words, 'we're hoping that the audience will help us to shape what we do and how we do it'.

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