by Jez Bond

It’s the Dress Rehearsal for ‘Company’ this afternoon. I have hectically been trying to finalise some substation solutions before heading out the door and now tfl have very kindly made me late. When I boarded the tube the destination was Victoria but on looking up I found myself in Bayswater. It is actually only the first time that I have been penalised for not concentrating on public transport. The tube, it seemed, had been diverted to Paddington. So I promptly got off and assessed the situation, having lost a good fifteen minutes in the process. Well I can’t blame the iPad – I would have been a lot less productive without it. Twelve emails sent, not least in response to substation questions and, on a new topic, regarding order for an A1 and A3 colour printer on site. The ability to print on site will apparently become crucial when the main work starts.

Heading home now after the dress rehearsal and have been screwed over by tfl yet again – this time I played absolutely no part in it. The Jubilee line was suspended – so I’m going the very long way round. Rushing back home to take care of the poorly four legged girl and to attack the plethora of emails which have been constantly appearing in my inbox over the past few hours.

Why is it now so rare to find a shop that sells Cheesy Moments? I’ve only ever found them on the underground – are they cult now…?

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