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This week I've been very slowly beginning to research a new play.  Slowly not because I'm dawdling along in a nonchalant manner, but because the subject I've chosen is not the easiest to delve into.  After I was flown to Turkey this time last year to research my Park play, Closer Than The Jugular, many wags suggested that my next play should definitely be set in the Bahamas.  This seemed an eminently sensible suggestion to me, but for some reason I haven't taken it up.  Instead, I've chosen something murky and decidedly uncomfortable, with which no one seems to be able to help me (or indeed offer me an expenses-paid trip somewhere sunny).

However, yesterday I had a breakthrough and found someone willing to talk to me about all this stuff that I'm not actually sure I want to know about.  And that feeling of hesitation is a sure sign that I'm on the right track.  So off I go on a new journey - not away from the rain, sadly, and possibly into the heart of darkness, but I'm just as excited as if I were packing my suitcase.  Is that perverse?


Photograph by Michael Connor

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