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My brothers did a 30 hour walk for charity over the weekend. Whilst I knew in my head this was impressive, it wasn’t until I went to bed on Saturday, knowing they and their small team would be walking through the night, that the commitment required for this challenge hit me. Different to a marathon, where you get to  your mark in a few hours, this was about keeping going, through light and dark with aching legs and blisters. I wondered what it felt like to do that and imagined it might be quite exhilarating to have that unique journey; with the camaraderie to keep each other going and the sense your doing something for a good purpose.  I was a bit jealous.

Then I realised I knew that feeling. It is how I feel about working with Park. We, as a team and a family,  are travailing the peaks and learning curves of building something new. There is a trail planned but along the way we discover new ground and meet other travellers.

The time does seem to pass quickly because there is so much ground covered but there is still a way to go and  plenty of milestones to reach and create for ourselves. I’m just glad we get to sleep at night on the way there.

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