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One of the exciting developments on site this week is the appearance of wall structures for the dressing rooms and toilets.  As anyone who has been on a tour will know, we have more ladies’ toilets than gents’, for which we expect a loud round of applause.  Unfortunately I lack the basic credentials for accessing ladies’ toilets, but I’ve walked apologetically past enough queues of women to know how important this is.

When I shared this information with Twitter on Monday, I described Park Theatre as ‘female friendly’.  Not, I admit, my finest hour in word selection: if it’s not quite a euphemism, it’s certainly suggestive.  Perhaps we should have muscular wine waiters in shirtless bow ties and diamond-studded cuffs?  Or offer a 10% discount to Colin Firth lookalikes?  The possibilities are endless.

In fact, our attention to women does go a little beyond the scope of the toilets.  Melli and Jez are keen to programme work that puts women front and centre, both thematically and practically, in terms of the casting opportunities involved.  Our outreach work will specifically cater for mothers and babies, in addition to many other groups and demographics.  As you will probably know, our Writer in Residence is a woman, as is our Director of Development, our Press and PR Manager, and our Assistant to the Creative Director.  The only downside to all this is the stark isolation of my ugly mutt on the website.

So can you help me to find a better term for this?  And how would you like your local theatre to cater for women?

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