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Industry tours began last week, which means that people that work in any capacity related to theatre can have the opportunity to look around the (building) site and hear about all the innovative technical features, and our artistic policies that will be in place when we open.

I haven’t been on-site for nearly a month so it was vitalising to see the progression that has taken place, and  also to hear again in full detail about all the intentions for the theatre and how the building will be. It can be quite hard to imagine as you walk around a roofless, windowless space that this is where you’ll see someone on stage, or that is where you’ll meet your friend for a cup of tea or a cocktail.

As an aside,  I think Melli and I have already claimed our choice spot in the café/ bar: the corner of the ‘shop’ window, looking out at the view  - without window panes in the way as it will all be clear glass. (Apologies to anyone that thought that might be their spot!).

We’re planning tours for local residents and businesses soon too, so sign up to the mailing list via our website to hear when this is and be first on the list.

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