by Jez Bond

After showing around some very lovely people this week I am super buzzed. I am so pleased to have shown around brilliant theatre companies, directors, producers and actors. The weather has been lovely today and with sunshine on our now roofless building everyone got to take in the space at a truly unusual time. We had some lovely feedback, great questions and enthusiasm from our guests. We are keen to nurture and develop these relationships and are thrilled and thankful to all who came and tweeted or facebooked post tour. Thanks indeed because we must spread the word for the good of everyone to make this a successful and brilliant adventure.

I would also like to make my thrilling announcement of my revised title. Both Jez and I felt that my old title of Associate Director didn’t really indicate quite what I do. Associate sounded somehow not permanent and also it is used in other theatres to describe different positions that aren’t quite what I do either. So how does one encompass my overall involvement in the creative team – where I work with a variety of aspects in the theatre and bar, curating work, companies, artists, plays, events, education…. Creative Director.

[Written by Melli Bond, Creative Director]

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