by Jez Bond

This is my first blog since my eyes have been lasered – a self treat, as you may have read a week ago, prior to opening the theatre. The last few days’ offerings have been penned by Melli or, at any rate, dictated to her through somewhat blurry eyes and (in the case of the first day) gritted teeth. Tomorrow she undergoes the same procedure and the roles will reverse as patient becomes carer and vice versa.

Melli is always reading meaning into the everyday, translating symbols and analysing circumstances with precision. This skill is definitely something that has rubbed off on me – and something to which I must give her credit. So, with this in mind, what’s the layer of meaning beneath the recent decision for our eye surgery – aside from the surface; the desire to get up and go without the morning hassle of contact lenses or the restrictions of glasses? There’s a reason for everything, so why this – and why this point in time? I think it’s clear:

Getting our eyes done now symbolises the awakening of our souls to the greater future, the receiving of the clear vision of what is to come and what is needed and our preparation to be always at the ready, unimpaired. The time, in fact, couldn’t be more perfect. And as we move forward with so much going on and so much more to do, I shan’t blink for a moment.

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