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A week of very successful tours has just passed, notching up the number people in the industry who’ve seen the space  to over 500. Obviously, there are hundreds more people to have a look around and all it takes is an email to me to get you on the list. ([email protected])

It’s interesting to hear people’s reactions to the concept of a new theatre. A place with no history. It can be quite difficult to comprehend the prospect of something new, where there is no legacy or tradition. Park Theatre is unique for exactly this reason.  It can do what it likes: bring in new ways of thinking about how to run a theatre, not have to jump through hoops and, there is a lot of  thinking ‘outside the box’ taking place.

I guess also for many people, and particularly in creative industries, it is all too familiar to hear things and not actually see them occur. For many reasons people have fantastic ideas that can’t come to fruition or not to the original, ideal plan. But two years ago it could have been argued that we wouldn’t now be standing in a leaky building site and  it might be hard to imagine that two years from now there will be an established, vibrant,  busy building with an emotive, engaging programme. But the former happened, and so will the latter.

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