by Jez Bond

I met with Councillor Phil Kelly at Euphorium on Upper Street to update him on the progress of our plans and to show him the latest designs and pictures. I can’t believe that it had been almost exactly a year since we first met, during our pre-application process with the council. It’s amazing how time has flown by – and how much longer things take than at first one thinks!

I then met a couple of directors on site. Given that we have six months until we need to start programming our first season and (assuming things go roughly to plan) less than 18 months until we open, it is becoming increasingly important to make connections and form relationships with potential future collaborators.

Of course I have a veritable list of interested companies, producers and directors who have approached me wishing to work at The Park and I am planning to meet them all in the next few months. These contacts today were personal connections, but as I’m learning on this project, time flies – so I must remember to meet everyone before too long!

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