by Jez Bond

Please let this be the last negative ‘discovery’. Okay in the grand scheme of things we’ve probably not had many (the perched water table and lack of electrical supply jump out) but boy when they come they come hard and fast, like an unexpected blow to the back of the neck (the scar marked ‘substation’ on the top of my spine is healing quite nicely).

Today’s revelation was that the existing sewer pipe to the road was not large enough to take the new loads (increased toilets to existing portion of the property plus the added residential elements and their required drainage capacities).

The resolution, indeed presented as the only resolution, was to excavate the existing drain and replace a section of pipe that currently sits beneath approximately three metres of concrete close to the street. We know it’s three metres. We’ve dug here before to investigate the foundations. It’s noisy, it’s slow, it’s expensive, it’s expensive… did I say that already?

Luckily after a few minutes of debate we were able to create some more cost effective solutions to the problem. These are currently being looked into in more detail but it goes to show that when you say something that was the only option is simply not an option, suddenly a number of other routes become available. Creative thinking people. We’re building a theatre after all!

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