by Jez Bond

The Park Theatre Just Giving campaign begins now!  With an online hub and a text donation service it has never been easier to help us to transform the creative life of Finsbury Park.

In fact, this marks the culmination of a spectacular few months, with grants coming in from trusts and funds, a thrilling charity auction and several ‘building site chic’ parties.  We continue to receive endorsement from industry giants, not to mention the recent political accord in which we were cited as a symbol of regeneration. 

We know what a brilliant theatre can do to an area, to a local economy, to a community.  We know that with imagination and hard work, a small hub of positive energy can draw in a fragmented group and change the way they think and feel.  We like to talk about the difference we can make to the young people who live near the site, but the scope of this project is really much bigger than that, reaching through time not only to their children, their children’s children and the generations that succeed them, but also to their parents, their grandparents and anyone of any age who may have been excluded until now.

We’re thrilled to have raised £245,000 so far, and we continue to appeal with all of our energy to trusts, funds and corporations.  But we’ve always known that we wouldn’t be able to do it with their help alone, that ultimately this grand plan we have, our dream of being a major catalyst for change, depends on you.  In order to inspire the next generation, we need to inspire you to want what we want, as much as we want it.  Time is squeezing us like inflation in a pound shop, but we are absolutely certain of this: if you rally behind us, then together we will be able to raise £150,000 by September.

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