by Jez Bond

Very sad news today for The Park Theatre’s resident-to-be doggie who was taken to the vet after a few weeks of discomfort and stiff back legs. Despite huge amounts of rest and some pills administered for a suspected cruciate ligament, things had not improved. Today a number of X Rays revealed that she had been born with hip dysplasia and that over her young life (she is only 3 years old) wear and tear had taken its toll on the knees causing arthritis.

She is a Mastiff cross and these larger breeds can of course be prone to bone conditions, but at such a young age it was a real shock. Gone are the long walks in the park or along the river that had become our staple. She has been given more pills and a new diet full of fish oils. Hopefully with some physiotherapy and the new regime the arthritis will not only be kept at bay, but the movements in the joint may improve. Until then it’s still rest, rest and more rest. No off lead excursions for the little girl

We can reveal, however, that she has every intention of being back on her feet soon in order to rehearse for some Park Theatre panto appearances. Nothing’s going to keep this girl down!

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