by Jez Bond

I tackled the licensing application today and nearly finished the first draft. The hardest part is succinctly putting in to words how we are addressing various issues ranging from crime prevention to the protection of children. Whilst one would hope that some things would be obvious from the nature of the type of building we will be – a theatre not a nightclub – I did have a conversation with a design officer from the police last year who seemed to think we needed to implement measures to stop the public from jacking up in the auditorium; making sure that the design of the seating doesn’t allow for folds within which needles could be hidden. Oh yes this is the bureaucracy we are constantly dealing with. Welcome to the world of too much paperwork and too little common sense. I’m off to see a show at the Courtyard Theatre now by a company interested in our venue. Last time I went they had hard seats – never mind, I’ll just have to jack up in the toilets.

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