by Jez Bond

I'm so excited, the first few panels of our tension wire grid have arrived. They are standing on their side, three metres square, in the foyer - soon to be installed in Park 200. Sleek black steel that will soon bear the weight of people and equipment high above the audience's heads. I'm most excited because, as I have said to many people on our tours, the grid will be a wonderful benefit to us in terms of our ability to work with young people. Suddenly the health and safety issues - and countless risk assessments and other paperwork - disappear with this safe working platform. Having learnt so much at fourten and fiteen years old - where I pretty much ran the technical department at my school theatre - I'm keen to ensure we give back so that other people, and less fortunate ones, can gain from such opportunities. But I'll just have to wait a few more weeks...

Architect's impression of the grid (with roof lights above).

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