by Melli Bond

A beautiful day today with the sun shining and blue skies the site looked great all day in this weather. With all of our beautiful steel coming up you can not only really start to see the structure but you get the feel of reality setting in. I am very excited by not only steel but glass. I have a real fascination with glass and there are many reasons why.

I have a very strong memory for my dreams - now this may seem like a non-sequitor but I assure you it isn't.  I have a collection of nearly a hundred dreams from childhood that I remember as strongly as real life memories. One of these dreams was of a building that had dark wood, many levels and rooms , large open windows letting in tons of light and it was filled items made of blue glass. It was one of the most beautiful and peculiar dreams I ever had and this started my admiration for the material. I started collecting shot glasses, not to use but to admire. As I got older I was delighted to finally buy lots of blue glass for my flat.  And when I moved into my recent home we designed it with big doors roof lights and yes lots of glass tables. I have a massive shot glass collection. Some of you may remember a Halloween party I had where I used nearly all of them for yummy jelly-shots!  So I'm obviously really thrilled that when we move into our theatre home it will have the same feeling that I adore.

I love the amount of natural light we are going to be letting into the space. Our atrium, both Park 200 and Park 90 and other floors and levels have large windows. There's so much to look forward to in the way of this wonderful material. Finally, our bay window is very exciting indeed and I can only say this - WATCH THIS SPACE. We have got some very cool stuff to be announcing soon - which I hope should capture everyones imagination.

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