by Melli Bond

This blog is dedicated to the wonderful women of Park Theatre:

We've had a brilliant fundraising season and we could not have done this without the blood sweat and dedication of the sisters of Park.

Annabel Topham Director of Development, who has worked on our all our fundraising, has proudly brought us to the halfway mark of raising £200,000! 

Amy Lumsden, my amazing assistant, has taken on the mammoth task of coordinating our industry tours and been a massive support to me.

Nouska Hanly, Press and PR manager, has taken our press from local to national and now international level - amazing!

Sarah Rutherford, writer in residence, has been passionately writing the first Park play, as well as tweeting, living breathing all things Park.

Danielle Tarento, trustee, has been producing top notch work whilst constantly promoting, guiding and upholding the goals of Park.

Gail Jermyn, trustee, not only is she at every fundraiser providing amazing canapés but is creating an amazing gala for us this coming spring!

Frances Carlisle, trustee, has not only been a massive support for our work with women but has just given birth to the first baby of Park.

Celia Imrie, 1st Ambassador, has been performing night after night at the Old Vic whilst promoting and supporting Park with eternal love and dedication.

Tamzin Outhwaite, Ambassador, has relentlessly promoted Park on every possible level from going to local shops to hosting a party to doing all kinds of interviews - wow!

And to my very special friends who have been a massive support on tons of levels: Nadia Ramsahoye, Sasha Pick, Dede Nazareth, Ursula Campbell, Gaelle Charluet-Roy, and Donella Fox.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful ladies who have been so amazing and in hosting parties and believing in Park: Leah Schmidt, Gillian Auld, Jane O'Flynn and Brenda Gotsche. And the lovely Persia Lawson for helping at our events with a big bright smile.

Women that are devoting their spare time and energy Katherine Elizabeth McLean, Marilyn Rice, Robin Miller, Gill East, Sarah Perry to name but a few....

So many top notch women! How lucky are we!?

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