by Jez Bond

I’ve just finished rehearsing with my band The Wang Dang Doodles. It took two and half hours to get to the rehearsal studio from the edit suite but I finally made it. Having agreed to learn three new songs for our gig on Friday I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t the time to prepare them all. We got two down, so for our ardent fans there’ll be a couple of new tunes throughout the night:

Earlier in the day I spoke with Rory, our acoustic consultant. We are keen to look at the possibility of a timber roof rather than a concrete one as originally planned. The reason for this is that, whilst it will be more complicated and expensive there is a knock on effect with the steel structure – where there is potentially a huge saving as concrete is heavy and a lighter material would mean less steel work.

We will most likely require a much thicker build up to achieve the same acoustic absorption with timber and plasterboard compared to concrete. This is where Rory will advise us – and along with Paul, our structural engineer, and HJF we will then discuss and cost out the two options. Whatever happens neither arias nor show tunes must escape into the night air…

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