by Jez Bond

We don’t really have a budget for video and sound system design…

The video is a bit of a last minute realisation. That is to say that we always knew we wanted it but not to this extent. However following conversations we had with digital signage companies last week, who were unable to meet our requirements, we have delved deep into the world of screens, projectors and graphics cards and know that the age old adage applies: if you’re going to do something then do it properly.

We had always allowed for sound but the design cost was factored in to the overall budget with Orbital sound, who are so busy now that we have needed to get a freelancer to draw up the final schematics.

We hadn’t met Theo or Jon until a week ago. They are designing the sound and video respectively.

They are highly technical, extremely thorough, very experienced and have been enormously kind in providing us with tremendous support in exchange for beer and baileys, respectively!

So much more to say on this, but so tired now and still lots of work to do. Meanwhile Jordan is still on site (it’s 10pm now) sending out more tenders.

And so to bed…

(yeah right! it has a good ring to it as a sign off though!)

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